Parker Unified School District

The PUSD word of the week for September 18 is SPORTSMANSHIP -   attitude of fair play, courtesy, and grace in losing when playing a game

Board and Committees

Committee (DIC) MeetingsSchedule 2017-2018 District Improvement  Meetings, 1:00 PM

August 29
September 26
October 31
November 28
December None
January 30
February 27
March 27
April 24
May 15
2017-2018 DIC Minutes

District Improvement Committee (DIC)

James Lotts (District)

Brad Sale (District)

Amy Conway (Federal Projects)

Aryn Romo (Blake)
Jason Howard (PHS)
Dave Schneider (Le Pera)
Tammy Page (WES)
Derek Ault (WJH

PD Task Force

Dru Waggoner (District)

Tiffany Beaver (Blake)
Esther Scott (PHS)
Kyle Carlson (PHS)
Cassie Schneider (Le Pera)
Tammy Page (WES)
Lori Lusk (WJH)

       Tech Committee

Dru Waggoner (District)

Brie Gonzales (Blake)
Sherry Rennau (PHS)
Liz Johnson ( Le Pera)
Dania Orozco (WES)