Parker Unified School District

The word of the week of February 20th is  ENCOURAGEMENT, smiling and using positive words - Quote/example- The student will do whatever they can to help others do their BEST by offering encouraging words.

Board and Committees

Beyond Text Books Meeting; February 13th, 3:30
DIC Meeting will be on February 28, 1:00 
PD Task Force will meet February 22, 3:30
Tech Committee Meeting; February 27, 3:30

PUSD Committees


James Lotts (District)

Brad Sale (District)

Amy Conway (Federal Projects)

Aryn Romo (Blake)
Jason Howard (PHS)
Dave Schneider (Le Pera)
Tammy Page (WES)
Derek Ault (WJH

PD Task Force

Dru Waggoner (Curriculum)

Brie Gonzales (Blake)
Esther Scott (PHS)
Kyle Carlson (PHS)
Amy Shamowski (Le Pera)
Tammy Page (WES)
Cassie Schneider (District)
Lori Lusk (WJH)

       Tech Committee

Dru Waggoner (Curriculum)

Brie Gonzales (Blake)
Sherry Rennau (PHS)
Debra MacFarland ( Le Pera)
Kevin Kuehl (WES)
Valerie Lovato (WJH)

        Beyond Text Books

Dru Waggoner (Curriculum)

Lori Baldenegro (Blake)
Tiffany Beaver (Blake)
Joanna Hermes (Blake)
Esther Scott (PHS)
Kathy Baker (PHS)
Molly Goldsberry (Le Pera)
Melissa Frias (WES)
Lori Lusk (WJH)