Parker Unified School District

The word of the week of February 20th is  ENCOURAGEMENT, smiling and using positive words - Quote/example- The student will do whatever they can to help others do their BEST by offering encouraging words.


Welcome to the testing page!

High School Fall
AzMERIT Writing:              November 2
AzMERIT ELA Reading:    November 21 and 22
AzMERIT Math:                 November 29 and 30
High School Spring
AzMERIT Writing:             April 
AzMERIT ELA Reading:   April 25 and 26 
AzMERIT ELA Math:         May 2 and 3
High School AIMS Science:           April 11, 2017
Grades 4  AIMS Science:           March 21, 2017
Grade 8 AIMS Science:              March 22, 2017

TESTING Calendar / DAP